“The Double” With Illustration Draft and Text

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Here is a preview of the final illustration for “The Double.”

First draft for "The Double" by Dave Mims

First draft for “The Double” by Dave Mims

We have come a long way with the final illustration and I am truly excited to show it off once “A Strange Occurrence of Magic” is done, dusted and printed.


I have not posted many lines from the final poems which comprise ‘A Strange Occurrence of Magic” but here is an excerpt from:

“The Double”

Seasons later

I returned to my bed,

in the hollow hours of grey morning,

to find him pressed into the sheets

dreaming maybe

that he was standing silently above himself,

horror nesting in the web between his

voice and mouth.

The Author

I am a writer. I am currently working on my first collection of illustrated poetry, the second book of "The Secret Adventures of Houdini" and "Pusher" a new graphic novel. toddhuntpoetry.com Click the link below for more information on "The Secret Adventures of Houdini" http://secretadventuresofhoudini.com

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